gallery Jelení, Praha CZ

I chose to exhibit its own space of the gallery, but from a different perspective. I have invited people, who deal with the so-called psychotronics, the relationship of energies and space, in particular. I have chosen randomly two.
I have invited them independently of each other to the gallery on Saturday and let them speak about what they think and feel in the particular space. At the same time I was shooting them with a camera. These two, haven’t reached an agreement on any place in the gallery. They haven’t agreed even on the whole view of the gallery space. Thus,
I have opened up a discussion on the work of these people and on the different perspectives in which it is possible to perceive the gallery space.
I haven’t questioned anything and haven’t offered any solutions. It was important for the audience to find their own truth.
The gallery was darkened. Several flashlights were hung in the gallery to point out places mentioned
by the psychotronic people.