title: A Nettle in Unsere Gärten
videoperformance 1:30 min. 2005
I have replanted a nettle from a garden with gnarled plants to an ornamental garden Unsere Gärten on one of the main streets of Vienna.

title: Shit in the Garden
videoperformance 0:50 min. 2005
A garden is located in front of „Unsere Garten“ („Our Garden“) office. „Our Garten“ is a company taking care of ornamental gardens in Wien. One of the favorite tourist attractions is to ride a horse carriage around the center of Wien. I have linked together these two symbols and added a piece of horse shit directly from the street. I took it and put it under a tree in a shape of a reared-up horse in the garden of Unsere Garten.

title: My Little Carrot in Prague
videoperformance 3.30 min. 2005
I have planted carrots in Prague’s Náměstí Míru square where I have been living since I was born. I have appropriated part of the public park and I have created „my garden“.

title:From under the bench in to the ornamental garden and vice versa
videoperformance 1:29 min. 2005
I replanted the dandelion from under the bench in the park into the ornamental garden Unsere Gärten. And I replanted ornamental plant from a Garden to the place of dandelion under the bench

(”Unsere Gärten” our garden is a company taking. Care of ornamental gardens in Vienna)