gallery BKC, Brno, 2008

Current projects of video-artist and performer Eva Jiricka are characterized by the author’s interfering in personal spaces of “strangers”. The exhibited collection “Moving Target” includes a “metareportage” – confrontation of nationalities on the axis Prague-Brno-Bratislava. Jiricka asked people in the streets of Prague to characterize a typical inhabitant of Brno and a typical Slovak, then she asked inhabitants of Bratislava to characterize a typical Czech. It’s obvious that the author’s aim is not to obtain any extensive opinions. She is content with one question and one answer. She does not deal with sociological material, matter-of-fact questions serve the intention to stir up established communication and ethnic patterns. Another presented project combines the methods of photographic reportage and motion recording. Photographs taken in Tenerife are nearly voyeuric and follow the movement of groups of girls on the beach, their gradual approaching and receding. This photographic cycle is followed by the recordings of Jiricka’s performances – attempts to meet random groups of girls, shifting the passengers in a tram into the arrangement that makes the best in a given moment seat–position free for Eva Jiricka, or metaphorical uncertainty of walking backwards in a forest. The aim is to show how social arrangements can be disrupted, how the inviolability of privacy and standard communication rules can be made uncertain. Jiricka’s determination to confront or collide is inspired by curiosity and interest in “strange” communicative playing that may come to many other people’s minds, yet they do not dare carry it out. There is a question left about the game principle: Who or what is a moving target for Eva Jiricka? … Insulted passers-by? She herself? The spectator? Or anything else?

Jan Zálešák